A Summer Filled with Concerts

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This summer I plan on going to 5 concerts, which is basically the more than the total number of concerts I've been to combined before this summer.

I've already have been to two of those five. The 1975 & Luke Bryan.

The 1975 was so freaking good. The band, Bad Suns opened for them, and while I wasn't there for them, a lot of people were. I must admit, they were pretty good. Might have to put some songs onto my phone. Matty came out, wine bottle in hand and sang The City. What a great beginning to an amazing show. I was closest to Ross, but George took his shirt off *insert heart eye emoji* I went with my twitter friend, Kayla. The best part, we got to meet Matty! Here I will insert some photos from that night!

Kayla touched Matty's hair

Got my ticket signed!

Me. He smelled of sex basically.
I also then got to see Luke Bryan in concert. FOR FREE. My radio station said on air, the first person to get to the venue will get free lawn tickets. I raced there, got stuck in traffic, and got them (luckily) It's a good thing I live a little less than three miles away right? So I took my mom and my best friend. He knew how to throw a concert. There were so many drunk people and cowboy boots, but it was worth it. (I did get anxious with all the drunk people around me) here are the few pictures I took from that

So that's that. Tomorrow I will be seeing Panic! At the Disco (for free too, wow) and then in July I will see Rascal Flatts and in August will be One Direction and 5SOS. (wow so excited) ☺

xoxo, Sam

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