A Day in the Life of a College Freshman

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Before coming to college, I had no idea what to expect. I was an only child practically running away from home. Four hours from where I grew up, I was thrown into a building with many more people than just my mom and dad, and now, I had to share a room with someone. So here I am today to give you an insight on what a typical day in the life of a college freshman entails!

My schedule consists of MWF classes and TuTh classes. For this blog post, I will focus on Wednesday, as it is one of my busiest days.

Wednesday, 8:15 am

To those of you still in High School, waking up past eight may feel like a dream. But, once you're in college, not so much. Although I'm blessed to have no 8 am's, I still have to be in class by 9:05, and that is hard enough. If I love myself, I will plan my outfit the night before (if I love myself even more, I'll go to sleep at a decent time HA). I normally lay in bed until 8:30 where I have to force myself to get up and then leave around 8:45. I like to be in class early, and luckily for me, my class is right across from my dorm.

9:05 am

I hate this class. HM 203, Ethics & Law in Hospitality. It's your basic government class with a mix of Hospitality. Woo. Enough of that.

9:55 am

Class is over (thank god) and I meet with my friend Natalie. I head back to my dorm and relax. This is where I now brush my teeth and wash my face and start to look presentable for the day (I'm not a morning person if you couldn't tell). Around 11 I start to feel hungry so I'll head down the hill to get some food. Today I went for Honey Mustard Chicken Wraps and Mac N' Cheese. I'm so lucky to go to a school with good food. I may film a YouTube video, clean my room, catch up on studying, until it's time to go to my next class.

1:25 pm

I leave my dorm at 1 to head to East Campus. This class is English Literature before the Civil War. Super boring. Lots of reading. It's my only class in a huge lecture hall and honestly, I just doodle in my notes. Attendance isn't required here, so a lot of people skip.

2:15 pm

This is where my day starts to get busy. I run back to my dorm and finish any work that may need to be done because I know I won't want to be able to do it tonight.

4:15 pm

I have a meeting at 4:0 every other week for a program that I'm in. They're super boring and appear longer than they should. Have to go to them though, yuck.

4:50 pm

I THEN have to leave that early (bless) and catch a bus to go to the OTHER SIDE of campus for my last class. It doesn't start till 5:30, but I can never trust the buses around here.

5:30 pm

I'm in my Intro to Calculus class. I've already taken calc, so this is super boring and I know practically everything. If we didn't have exit questions for a grade, I probably would skip it. Good thing is, I only have it Monday and Wednesday.

6:45 pm

This may sound silly, but now I run to Dunkin' Donuts before they close at 7. They're my favorite and they have the best sweet iced tea on campus. I then meet my roommate and get dinner. Wednesday's are often Spaghetti (SO GOOD).

From then on, I will head back to my dorm, finish any homework if I haven't already, take a shower, and then relax for the rest of the night. I don't feel the need to study 24/7 and I definitely believe everyone needs to wind down at night.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and make sure to leave a comment below!


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